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To Do

+++ Highest priority.
--- Lowest priority.

+++ Occasional crashes. I don't know what causes them, but it might be something
    in the DLL.

+-- I've been reading "Writing Solid Code" by Steve Maguire, a former Microsoft
    developer. It's an old (1993) book that's geared toward writing bug-free
    code, and it gives a number of "holy crap, why didn't I think of that" good
    examples. I want to implement a number of things suggested by Mr. Maguire,
    but they'll require some pretty big changes to the way my code works right
    now. Foo.

--+ Allow sequential background images (slideshow-style, non-random).  The code
    has been there for a while, now I need to add it to the VB project.
--- Allow the image to stretch, scale, tile, etc., if the user desires.
++- Sort out PNG & PCX support.  (I'm having problems with my chosen third-party
    code, and PNG support is something I *really* want; more than a quarter of
    my background images are PNGs.)
    - I'm using someone else's code because I don't know anything about PNG or
      PCX images.
    - There's a good chance that I will take the critters above and put them
      into a new DLL, written in VB6.
--- Allow settings to be kept in the registry, if the user desires.  (Maybe.)
+++ I need to rework the way writing to the .ini file works.  It's far too
    complex right now. I had good reasons for doing it the way I did, but now
    that things are working, I need to streamline it and make it work *better*.
    (For details, read the comments at the beginning of writeINI() in
    modINI.bas; they have most of the info is there.) This should be done for
    the v0.9 release.
--- Capture the Windows key.  (Low priority.  Been on my to-do list for a few
    years.  Have to read up on how to actually do this.  I know it can be done,
    I just don't know how.)
+-- Get recurseDirs() (in the DLL) to return some sort of status information.
    When scanning through a directory with a lot of files (or worse, lots of
    subfolders with lots of files), EEShell2 appears to hang for a while.  On my
    computer (1000MHz AMD Athlon, 640MB RAM, 2550+ background images in 243
    directories) it can take a few seconds; older computers with many pictures
    might seem to totally freeze for a few minutes or more.  (On the other hand,
    users with newer computers might not even notice the delay.)
    - Related to that, I've made recurseDirs() occasionally release some CPU
      time back to Windows.  Previously, it didn't do *anything* friendly; now,
      it may or may not work right.  (Seems to be working, but no promises.)
+-- I'm also thinking about dealing with the Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
    regkey.  Same reasons as Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
+++ Redo the plugin system from v0.7.  I know more now than I did then, and I
    think I can make it work this time.
    - Not likely to be done for 0.9, but probably for 0.10.
--- I have a few other things to merge in from other projects of mine.

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