EEShell screenshots!

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Here are some screenshots. To see the full-size version of one, click on the thumbnail. All screenshots older than EEShell2 0.8.0 were taken on a Pentium 3 running Windows 2000 Professional, unless otherwise noted. Starting with EEShell2 0.8.0, they were taken on an AMD Athlon running Windows XP Professional.

IMPORTANT! In many of the screenshots below, there is a floating system tray visible. THAT TRAY IS NOT PART OF EESHELL2! That is TrayModule from AM Productions, which I recommend to replace Explorer's systray. No version of EEShell provides a system tray!
Also, some screenshots show a small floating toolbar. That is the Microsoft Office Toolbar, which comes with just about every version of Microsoft Office. No, it's not part of EEShell. (The QuickRun project has a different toolbar available.)

EEShell2 0.9.1 screenshot
EEShell2 version 0.9.1, featuring a few other programs that I wrote: kf (a.k.a. KanjiFind), which helps translate Japanese and Chinese writing; Pipes, a simple game I wrote a few years ago; QuickRunTree, the menu on the top left; QuickRunTB, the toolbar on the bottom right; and esClock, the clock (really). (Featuring that giant ball of fire in the sky.)
EEShell2 0.9.0 screenshot
EEShell2 version 0.9.0. Note the new layout for the Options dialog; clicking the "Graphical" button brings up the background selection stuff. (Featuring Otep Shamaya. Yes, I used the Wikipedia picture.)
EEShell2 0.8.3 screenshot
EEShell2 version 0.8.3. (Featuring "art" created by me.)
EEShell2 0.8.2 screenshot
EEShell2 version 0.8.2 showing the Options dialog. (Featuring "art" created by me.)
EEShell2 0.8.1 screenshot
EEShell2 version 0.8.1 (debug build). (Featuring Wendy, Otra, and Marshmallow Kitty from the webcomic Girly by Josh Lesnick.)
EEShell2 0.8.0 screenshot
EEShell2 version 0.8.0 (debug build). Notice the new File Manager button and Image Navigator; also notice that the plugin system has been removed (for now). (Featuring Aeris, or Aerith if you prefer, from the Final Fantasy 7 Playstation 3 tech demo from a few years ago.)
EEShell 1.0.0 screenshot
EEShell version 1.0.0. No desktop or background of any kind is provided, nor are there any options -- this one lonely dialog is the entire shell.

Everything below here is old. The entire EEShell project was abandoned from roughly 2005 through 2008.

EEShell2/16 (development) screenshot
EEShell2/16 (no longer in development), running under the Visual Basic 4 development environment. Note the title bar at the top; I could never get it to go away. (Featuring some random nearby galaxy.)

EEShell2 version 0.7.1. The wide buttons are how plugins are activated; each plugin gets its own button. (Featuring Walky, Joyce, Mike, Joe, Daisy, and Dina from It's Walky by David Willis.)

EEShell2e 0.6.4 screenshot
EEShell2e version 0.6.4 (which is just EEShell2 0.6.4 butchered to compile in VB5), running in Windows 98 in emulation. (Not really any different from EEShell2 0.6.4, but not recommended for use.) (The woman is Nadja Peulen, second (and last) bassist for Coal Chamber.)

EEShell2 version 0.6.4 running on Windows 98 (with the MS Office toolbar). (Featuring Dawn by Joseph Michael Linsner.)

EEShell2 version 0.6.3, showing the Calendar and the Quick Run dialog. (Featuring the Punisher's logo.)

EEShell2 version 0.6.3 running on Windows 98. (Featuring Mtv's Daria (in an "official" wallpaper).)

EEShell2 version 0.6.2, showing the About box. Note the new Calendar button. (Featuring Shampoo (the girl; purple hair) and Mousse (the boy; black hair) from Ranma ½ by Rumiko Takahashi.)

EEShell2 version 0.5.6, showing the About box and the Quick Run dialog. (Featuring Dawn by Joseph Michael Linsner.)

EEShell2 version 0.5.5, showing the old Options and new Quick Run dialogs. (Featuring Dawn by Joseph Michael Linsner.)

EEShell2 version 0.4.7, showing the About box and the old Quick Run dialog. (Featuring Ukkyo from Ranma½ by Rumiko Takahashi.)

EEShell2 version 0.4.6, showing the old About box and Quick Run dialog. (Featuring the JtHM (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac) logo by Jhonen Vasquez.)

EEShell2 version 0.4.5, showing the very first About box and the old Quick Run dialog. (Featuring King from the Art of Fighting and King of Fighters series of games (this image from KOF96).)

EEShell2 version 0.2.something, the first version available to the "public" such as it was at the time. (Featuring Dawn by Joseph Michael Linsner.)

EEShell2 version 0.1.something, showing the original Options and Quick Run dialogs (along with some notes -- this was originally posted for some friends, not for anything resembling professional purposes). (Featuring Kestrel from Queen of Wands by Aerie.)
EEShell 0.0.7 screenshot
The original EEShell, version 0.0.7. As with v1.0 (above), no desktop or background is provided, nor are there any options.

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