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When I was still actively working on EEShell2, I had the idea to allow for 3rd-party plugins. I soon discovered that I'm not very good with that sort of thing, and eventually abandoned the idea... but not before releasing EEShell2 v0.7.0 and v0.7.1, with a rudimentary plugin system.

I've learned quite a bit since then, and maybe EEShell2 v0.10 (or whatever) might have a redesigned plugin system... but don't count on it.

(Below this line is the original plugins page. I'm leaving this here for now, because it's possible that some search engines link here. The plugins were meant for EEShell2 v0.7 and don't work with anything else. Note that QuickRun has its own Sourceforge project: QuickRun @

The only plugins currently available are those written by me. Some of them were originally part of EEShell2, such as the Quick Run dialogs, while others weren't.

If you're a developer and want to make your own plugins, there is one requirement: your DLL must have a COM object called "Plugin" for EEShell2 to create; that's the main interface. There is a sample VB class available on SourceForge; click here to download it.

The plugins:
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This is just a simple calendar. It doesn't do anything yet, but I'm thinking about adding in some simple scheduling abilities.

Okay, so it has a retarded name -- but you can't mistake its purpose, can you?

Quick Run
This is a simple replacement for Explorer's Start Menu. There are two variations of the Quick Run dialog: QuickRunList, which is the original Quick Run, and QuckRunTree, the newer Quick Run.

This is still in development. It's going to allow the user to navigate through their background images without needing to refresh the entire background. In other words, a toy. (Note that this is dead; the Image Navigator took its place.)